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Company "Toping Company" has progressed with people and their professional qualities of a professional and moral value recognized.

In this context A.N.C.P.I. Maximum class offered (I) can work autorizare.Compania throughout EU territory.

Profile of working for
"Toping Company" is based on professionalism, perseverance and desire to work in a team, the power of learning and personal enrichment in order to obtain results increasingly better.

We offer teamwork, you are a person willing to learn, to work in this area and believe that you can cope with such a group do not hesitate to contact us.

We are honored to invite you to join us, to expand this team and add skill, dedication and your knowledge with our own.

Yes! We need new partners, we need people of integrity, we need people with a sense of responsibility.

Yes! We need people to be able to integrate this concept "topping Company" with the following basic ideas:

TOP engineers and professionals with efficiency constant over time and eager to absorb new knowledge;

people of integrity and kind;

Thus our name really says "Who" and "What we propose."

We are what we do, but we can not do anything without people, without equipment or software performance. The logistics, hardware and software required and we have updated them permanently. Remains the human factor, possibly your own, to put an ounce of soul, a few drops of perseverance enough to work into a fuss and then let the dough with checks and possible corrections for everything to be "almost perfect".

We have brought to your image "topping Company" wants, now it's up to you to contact us will know.

In the short term, we intend to maintain the standards already imposed, increased coverage of our services. To achieve these objectives we are interested in people, companies, in good faith, with which we can collaborate on different projects if required. We are interested in promoting the company image, both in terms of results and the media.

In the medium term, the main objective is tech equipment and software company with cutting-edge. This specialization compel permanent staff or new contacts in this regard. If you have any proposals of this nature please contact us.

In the long term we want to execute works gradually over the entire surface of Romania. Regarding this objective we are interested in knowing the needs and requirements of each area to make a more detailed plan to expand. Another important objective is to continue existing collaborations in the country and abroad.

Given the trends of European integration, which we introduce the free market of Europe, we are particularly concerned about strengthening the image and how the company is seen
"Toping Company" in neighboring countries.

We welcome any kind of collaboration, if it proves to be beneficial and productive for the parties involved.


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