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Specializations Architecture, Urbanism:

- Urban General Plan and Local Planning REGULATIO

(Ploiesti, City Court of Arges, Fieni City, village Tomsani Prahova County Prahova County Fairground Filipestii village, commune Corbi Arges)

· Explicitrare services: Putting all the information in analog format into a digital format (scan georefentiere, interpretation, digitizing and vectorization).

-Plan Urban Area / Housing Construction and complementary functions Farmers Street, No. 2, Brasov,


-Plan Urban Area / City building ban Plopeni, Prahova County

· Explicitrare services: Establishing gap, functionality, location and construction compliance, proposals for urban development, urban development for the study equip.


Specializations Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

- Design and Technical assistance for project management "Geographic Information System (GIS)-expansion and rehabilitation of water and wastewater systems in the counties of Cluj / Salaj-improved water supply systems, sewage and waste in the Cluj-Salaj"

· Explicitrare services: G.I.S. in Intergraph / Geomedia, Microstation and Autodesk Topobase Bentley / Map 3D, integration of all information in a database strucurata, distinct class, easy to manage, maintain and use features.


Specializations infrastructure design (PT + D + SF + CS):

Feasibility study, Project Technical details and specification for:

- "Upgrading local roads and streets in the city Fieni"

- "Rehabilitation of Ploiesti city sidewalks"

- "Gas distribution network Oak village, commune Brazi, Prahova County,"

- "Common sewer network Filipestii County Forest County".

· Explicitrare services: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of marketing, commercial, technical, financial management and investment objective and establish its technical execution modality.


Specializations cadastre, topography, geodesy:


Authorized company A.N.C.P.I. CLASS I - authorized to perform specialized work space throughout the European Union


Cadastral Services (tabulation, dismantling, merging, sealing), topographic (Certificate of Planning and Building Permits) and Geodetic Studies for:

- EON Moldova Distribution S.A. ,

- Electricity Supply Agency North Electrica (Braila, Buzau, Focsani, Galati, Ploiesti, Targoviste)

-S.C. Romtelecom SA,


-His Majesty King Michael I (Cadastre and limits manifestation of over 2000 ha)

-Over 8600 tabulation documentation in accordance with Law 7 / 1996 and supports topographic for under Law 453/2001 Building permits (Legii50/2000)


· Explicitrare services: Making topographical surveys and topographical drawing media for building permit and Certificate of Urbanism, sealing, marking topographical boundaries materialize field by bornare tarusari property or construction projects, completion and registration with the release of the book and extract Land-in projection system that stereographical plan reference 1970 Black Sea 1975, Documentation for the restoration of property rights: Land parcellation, replotting (Urlati, Gorgota, Tataru, Gornet Cricov, Barcanesti) - Making the General Urban Plan (GUP) and tracking studies construction of strains over time.


Specializations Digital Cartography, Photogrammetry, GPS determinations, thematic maps on request:


Determination of coordinates in the system and stereographical WGS'84 1970 Space using positioning technology (GPS);

Thematic maps of administrative units


We believe they are a representative sample, but enough to have a real idea as to the professionalism and our understanding and therefore we expect from our office di Ploiesti Municipality, Decebal 47, Prahova collaborators to become so bad as long and partners that you can rely in the future.


To meet our financial offer personalized and we expect to launch these services in Ploiesti, Decebal 47, Prahova, Romania or contact at 0731319281, 0745066547;

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