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General Urban Plan G.U.P.


GUP - General Urban Plan - is the basic documentation that establishes objectives and actions for local development measures and future existence for a period of time.

General urban plans made by us, include analysis, planning regulations and local regulation for the whole territory of the administrative unit. defined by law, both built surfaces (base area, localities, localities belonging, isolated bodies) and those from outside the city (agricultural land, forest, horse communication, water, etc.)..

GUP sites are developed by our company based on an experience of about 5 years to meet the development needs of localities on a rational, that in order to resolve issues:

setting direction, priorities and planning regulations;

development of urban settlements;

rational and balanced use of land necessary urban functions;

indicating areas with natural hazards (landslides, floods, geological inhomogeneity, reducing the vulnerability of existing building fund);

highlighting the valuable building fund and how to exploit it for the benefit of the locality;

quality of life, especially in the areas of housing and services;

basis for the realization of investment of public utility;

Enabling regulations for issuing of planning and building permits;

collective interests of the individual correlation in the occupation of space;

achieving on-demand Information Systems (GIS) based on studies in the historical GUP uniform data and query information quickly help us develop value judgments or reports.


To meet our financial offer personalized and we expect to launch these services in Ploiesti, Decebal 47, Prahova, Romania or contact at 0731319281, 0745066547;


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