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1. Digital Photogrammetry


execution to determine the geodetic networks of support, thickening and lifting the built, the work of deciphering paint of support and photogrammetric surveying and other field and office work;


achievement and maintenance of official maps of Romania in analog and digital photogrammetric methods;

photogrammetric products derived from making existing data and Geodetic National Fund from any other sources;

participation in national and international projects to produce digital data needed to achieve topographic plans at different scales, a digital terrain model and orthophotomaps;

obtaining graphical reference database using multiple technologies for photogrammetric data acquisition and remote sensing methods;

making plans, thematic maps, digital and analog photogrammetric methods;

the works of digital airtriangulation to obtain sterestitution reference data, digital terrain model and orthophotomaps;

digital terrain model realization in different forms of representation (contours, TIN, GRID);

achievement orthophotomaps for various 2D and that additional information under the theme, orders and contracts executed by CNGCFT interdisciplinary;

and multispectral imaging satellite pancromatice, analysis and classification;

done and updating thematic maps and satellite orthophotomaps;

carrying out the technological development activities, research and design specialist areas: geodesy, photogrammetry, cartography and remote sensing;

creating studies recording the exploitation of technologies and equipment for analog photogrammetric exploitation, analytical and digital;

studying, analyzing and promoting cutting-edge technologies and techniques in the fields of geodesy, photogrammetry, cartography and remote sensing;

achievement of applied research in the fields of geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, GIS and remote sensing, developing and implementing new technologies in the specialized fields.


To meet our financial offer personalized and we expect to launch these services in Ploiesti, Decebal 47, Prahova, Romania or contact at 0731319281, 0745066547;


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