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Toping Company is a private Romanian company that works with the desire to give all those who need design and consulting infrastructure works (roads, bridges, water networks, gas, sewerage, electricity, telecommunications), Geology, Architecture, Urbanism (D.U.P, U.A.P, G.U.P, landscaping), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Cadastre (tabulation, allotments, accessions, updates), Topography (topographic stands for Certificate of Urban Planning and Building Permits), Geodesy, Cartography, Photogrammetry, Expertise judicial opinions.

We put into practice the idea of ​​stop-shop design with high requirements.This to be possible, we require considerable research efforts continuously. Latest technology, continuous staff complement in order to extend to all specializations of design and ability to learn faster than our competitors both in internal research and the mistakes of history Project Management reported repeatable, sustainable competitive advantages OUR! We develop, reinvent and so "we give life to your plans!"

Toping Company team is involved both emotionally and personal customer service for all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome. Service matters to us well done and continue introducing innovative technological methods imposed by the intrinsic value of our. Toping Company is certified, has implemented and follow a quality management system, the requirements of the standards SR EN ISO 9001:2001 (ISO 9001:2000), SRM 8000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and all rules Project Management!

We are confident that by choosing solutions Toping Company in resolving the situation related to the design, you get the desired results, you win friends integrii, values ​​for the handshake contract is worth! We are open to both collaboration and partnerships. We expect you to know us and work with our designers, not to hesitate, whenever you need DESIGN!


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